Mount Takao for Autumn Foliage

Mount Takao autumn Mount Takao fall
Mount Takao autumn crowded
coming out of the station
DON'T DO IT! If you want to see more people than autumn leaves, come to Takao! Seriously though, it's extremely unpleasant. Have you ever had to "line up" when hiking? Well, this is worse than climbing Mount Fuji... Imagine the crowdedness of Shinjuku Station on a mountain. Go elsewhere... go a little farther to Mitake or Okutama to see fewer people and more red leaves. Don't even dream of taking the cable car, as the line for that is super long.... beyond your wildest imagination. I think people come here because it's the closest mountain to the city and the easiest for hiking, but trust me, a weekend in autumn is definitely not the time to visit Takao. You WILL regret it.