Trips from Tokyo

All these trips are 2 to 3+ hours from Tokyo... You can do day trips but these are perfect as weekend getaways or 3-day trips if you tag on other places. It's best to budget at least 10,000 to 15,000+ yen a day, all inclusive (mid-range accommodation & transport from Tokyo). I've included links to train/bus timetables 時刻表 that open in another window, but they're in Japanese so just right click and choose "Translate to English" if you can't read Japanese.

Mitake & Okutama   I   Izu   I   Nikko   I   Minakami   I   Karuizawa & Kusatsu   I   Matsumoto   I   Nagano Snow Monkeys

T O K Y O   :   M i t a k e    &    O k u t a m a     御 岳 山   &   奥 多 摩

hiking in Mount Mitake 御岳山

cycling in Okutama 奥多摩

Nippara Limestone Caves

I z u   P e n i n s u l a     伊 豆 半 島

Atami Fireworks

Kawazu Waterfalls & Amagiso

Shuzenji 修善寺

Odawara & Atami Castles

Jogasaki Coast 城ヶ崎海岸

Mount Omuro 大室山

T O C H I G I   :   N I K K O     日 光

& Lake Chuzenji

Edo Wonderland 日光江戸村

Tobu World Square
T O C H I G I   :   U T S U N O M I Y A     宇 都 宮

Ashikaga Illuminations

Oya Stone Museum

Big Kannon at Oya Temple

G U N M A   :   M i n a k a m i     水 上

Tanigawadake 谷川岳

Suwakyo Gorge 諏訪峡

Takaragawa Onsen 宝川温泉

N A G A N O   t o   G U N M A     軽 井 沢 - 草 津

Karuizawa 軽井沢

Komoro Kaioken
& Ueda Castle

Kusatsu Onsen 草津温泉

N A G A N O   :   N E A R   M A T S U M O T O     松 本

Shosenkyo Gorge 昇仙峡
fishing for noodles 流しそうめん

Matsumoto 松本

cycle to Daio Wasabi Farm
in Azumino 安曇野

hiking in Kamikochi 上高地

Shirahone Onsen 白骨温泉

N A G A N O     長 野

Snow Monkeys in Onsen

Traditional Outdoor Onsen

Shibu Onsen-Hopping

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